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Transportation & Logistics [TL]
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What Challenges are you solving in this industry

  • Supply-chain efficiency and visibility [SCE]

Description of solution

Bringg’s data-led platform digitizes and connects existing supply chain systems, and orchestrates fulfillment models based on machine learning, industry best practices, and your company’s business goals. Using automation and data analytics, Bringg’s solution engineers cost-efficient, convenient, and fast last mile operations on the front end while improving efficiencies and removing complexities in the backend.

What is the value you bring to your customers?

Bringg helps enterprises scale up and optimize their logistics operations with a data-led delivery and fulfillment cloud platform. Using Bringg, retailers and logistics providers can rapidly enable innovative delivery and fulfillment models that maximize the customer experience, optimize logistics operations and scale business channels for growth. Bringg has proven to reduce delivery costs by over 20%, increase on-time deliveries to 99% and double projected delivery volumes.

Time to implementation

a few weeks for onboarding