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Machinery & Components [MC] including Industrial Automation
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What Challenges are you solving in this industry

  • Process digitalisation and automation [PDA]

  • Remote work [RW]

  • Workforce Management [WM]

Description of solution is a SaaS platform for the machinery and industrial automation industries. It offers digital twin-based technical training, maintenance, and remote support of highly complex mechanical products and systems. The platform dramatically improves remote or virtualized training and support for technical staff.

As an improvement over standard computing platforms (PC or mobile), and with no need for specialized computing resources, helps manufacturers of mechanical products with a single powerful platform for practical, accessible and affordable digital twin-based technical training, support and knowledge retention.

What is the value you bring to your customers?

Hardware products that require assembly, disassembly and ongoing maintenance – machines, engines, mechanical infrastructure and more – are a training and support challenge. The more complex a product or system is, the more difficult transferring technical knowledge to technicians and remote users becomes.

The most advanced tool for training on mechanical products is a technology called Digital Twins – an accurate digital replica of the physical product.

The problem is that as for today, digital twins technology is considered to be complex, expensive and requires high-end computers to run – and thus can be used only by large corporations and defense organizations. is changing this paradigm by making digital twin models accessible, affordable, and
deployed as a very practical set of tools. With the platform, a manufacturer can start effective technical training on his products within days not months.

A few of they key benefits include:

• Cost-effective training on mechanical products – frontal and remote.
• Efficient remote support for field technicians and users.
• Up to date technical knowledge with immediate access from anywhere
• Top advanced technologies, digital twins, VR/AR/MR – simplified and easy-to-use increases FTFR (First Time Fix Rate) by 60% and saves more than 50% of technical service travels.

Time to implementation

7-14 days