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High Lander

Aerospace & Defence [AD]
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What Challenges are you solving in this industry

  • Automation using robotics [CTAR]

  • Improving Availability and Reducing downtime (i.e predictive maintenance reliability) [PM]

  • Remote work [RW]

Description of solution

High Lander offers automated drone fleet management. Their software-only solution can instantly and remotely convert any off-the-shelf drone into a pilot-less drone. This takes the human element out of the equation by managing airspace and creating 24/7 air continuity, resulting in a coordinated, autonomous, and intelligent fleet of super drones
Coordinated Air Continuity
Overcomes the existing limitations on distance and flight time by coordinating the seamless replacement of drones of any type, creating true 24/7 air continuity.

– Range Extension
– Charging Station Agnostic
– Distributed Droneports
– Precision Landing
Autonomous Fleet Management
Manages the takeoffs, landings, routes, and tasks of individual drones autonomously, freeing up experts to prioritize their focus as needed. Drones can go from fully autonomous to fully piloted, providing maximum flexibility for real-world scenarios.

– Autonomous Flight
– Autonomous Takeoffs & Landings (ATOL)
– Autonomous Control Tower Regions (ACTR)
– Object Tracking

Intelligent Airspace Control
Reacts intelligently and re-routes drones as needed, maintaining perfect airspace control for
tens, hundreds, or thousands of drones.

– Multi-Drone, Multi-Mission Capabilities
– Collision Avoidance
– Object Detection
– BVLOS Capable

What is the value you bring to your customers?

Drones use in the aerospace and defense industry are plagued by the limitations of distance and flight times, as well the significant time required to manually operate drones and control airspace to avoid collisions.

High Lander solves these problems by providing organizations with 24/7 drone continuity, eliminating drone downtime. Autonomous flight decreases the cost of pilots and intelligent airspace assures that drones do not collide or go off-route.

In surveillance, contract security guards cost approximately $100,000 per year and represent 60% of the physical security market. High Lander’s packages costs are 25%-50% of one human guard cost. Therefore, organizations save between $75K-$50K per guard by using drones.

High turnover is also reduced because, unlike humans, drones never leave their jobs. The annual turnover rate for human security guards is estimated to be 100%-400%. This requires the constant interviewing, training, and onboarding of new guards, costing 30%-200% of the replaced employee’s salary. Autonomous drones eliminate this investment in time and money completely.


Better surveillance: by combining drones and ground patrols, you achieve higher-precision surveillance

Faster response: by using drones, you drastically reduce response time to attempted security breaches

Constantly vigilant: by watching perimeters and at-risk areas every hour of every day. They happily work holidays without expecting time-and-a-half.

Time to implementation

1 Day