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Automotive [AU]
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What Challenges are you solving in this industry

  • Data collection using sensing and imaging [DCSI]

Description of solution

Maradin enables the use of lasers to display and sensor applications through its proprietary advanced MEMS-based laser scanning solutions which serve as core components for interior and exterior lighting, HUDs, AR/VR displays, Smart glasses, LiDARs, and many more applications.
The company offers a highly integrative scanning solution, comprised of novel MEMS-based scanning mirrors, controllers, and system architectures. It also provides software for real-time synchronization between the scanning of mirrors and laser drivers with reliability, stability, scalability, and flexibility.

What is the value you bring to your customers?

Laser-based sensors are not “one size fits all” and very few companies can offer a solution across the whole range of applications. Maradin has the largest range of solutions, utilizing its large technology and IP baseline. Its innovative sensor and display solutions serve as the core for Automotive Tier#1 companies deploying LIDARs, laser headlamps, exterior lighting, and HUDs. The company is positioning itself as a consumer market leader for AR/VR displays.

Time to implementation

A Year