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High level customers
1. Toshiba Solutions (Japan), is a multi-Billion dollar Japanese company using our system to manage all its operations. With our system, production lead time was shortened by 40%, inventory turns went from 7.2 to 12 in six months, and Work in Process reduced by 68%! A full case study by Toshiba is available. 2. FLSmidth (Denmark, China), a multi-Billion dollar Danish company using our system to manage all its operations (from Engineering to Procurement to Production) in their biggest plant in China. DIFOT has been sustainably improved to above 92% as the project target; Productivity increased 12% without investment; the Actual payback of the project is better than the project's original expectation. 3. Macmillan (USA), a big book publisher in NYC, with 750 Barnes & Noble's shops, increasing book sales by 7% while reducing the overall inventories in DC's and shops by 30% in the very demanding and challenging bookselling market. Identifying fast sellers faster and gain batter control, visibility, and atomization in the supply chain. 4. P&G (Oral-B plant in Hungary), implementation in a large and complex manufacturing and supply chain. Running a year project that is planned to expand to additional plants and DC's in the company. 5. IEC – Israeli Electricity Company The biggest company in Israel choose our system to manage all the IEC's spare parts' purchasing and distribution. Our system is initiating when to purchase the spare parts, how much to hold, and where (distribution between the different regional warehouses). We improved product availability while reducing the overall inventory at the same time 6. Delta Galil (including H&O and FIX) – Fashion Retailer Distribution for 250 shops all over Israel. How much to hold on each shelf, how much and when to pick in the warehouse, and much more. We increase profit, improve product turnover, reduce overall inventory, improve cash flow, boost sales by reducing stock-outs, and reduced the amount of merchandise sold at a discount price at the end of the season.
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What Challenges are you solving in this industry

  • Supply-chain efficiency and visibility [SCE]

Description of solution

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What is the value you bring to your customers?

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Time to implementation

1-3 months