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SkillReal ltd

Aerospace & Defence [AD]
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High level customers
Among our A&D customers: BAE systems, IAI, Rafael, GE-baker Hughes and others
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What Challenges are you solving in this industry

  • Data collection using sensing and imaging [DCSI]

  • Improving Availability and Reducing downtime (i.e predictive maintenance reliability) [PM]

  • Improving Process Productivity/Yield - Asset/Process performance management [APY]

  • Improving Quality (inspection process control) [QI]

  • Process digitalisation and automation [PDA]

  • Remote work [RW]

  • Supply-chain efficiency and visibility [SCE]

Description of solution

SkillReal offers a new generation of accurate Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the aerospace and defense industries that improves productivity, quality of assembly, maintenance, and installation activities.

From table assemblies to large installations, the SkillReal system provides real-time work instructions, assembly validation, reports, and remote assistance. The system is easy to integrate and use with plug & play integrations for the leading PLM/MES/ERP systems.

The SkillReal solution leverages its AR accuracy to provide an automatic validation of each assembly step that significantly reduces assembly mistakes while providing quality and execution reports.

What is the value you bring to your customers?

The costs of mistakes in assembly or installations are very high in the aerospace & defense industries. The SkillReal system identifies mistakes at an early stage, helps to shorten assembly and inspection activities, and automatically provides the required validation and inspection capabilities. The system also provides traceability of each assembly activity for the purpose of execution reports, debriefing in case of error, and analytics.

Key benefits include the following:

*Reducing assembly mistakes by up to 50%
*Decreasing the training and the learning curve by up to 40%
*Increasing the productivity of customized or small-batch assemblies by up to 50%

Time to implementation

Available now