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The guidebook of applied Industry I4.0 solutions is a first-of-its-kind online resource to assist executives/practitioners in industrial multinationals seeking proven Industry 4.0 applications. The detailed applications have all been implemented by industrial corporations all over the world.

The Use cases

The use cases detailed here include:

  • The description of the solution
  • The operational value delivered when implementing the solution
  • A list of reference customers (where they can be exposed)
  • Geographic locations where the solution is available
  • The estimated time to implement the solution
  • A case-study
  • A product demo clip
  • The company profile
  • A brochure
  • A company video clip

Filtering Use Cases

All use cases are mapped and can be filtered by:

  • The operational challenge areas that the Industry 4.0 solution addresses
  • The industrial vertical applied
  • The unique resources of the use case, i.e. high-profile customers, attached case-study

Challenge Areas

The list of Operational challenge areas cover Operational excellence, Digital transformation, and Physical innovation:

  • Operational Excellence
    • Process productivity/yield improvement  – Asset/process performance management
    • Quality enhancement (inspection, process control)
    • Availability improvement and downtime reduction  (i.e predictive maintenance, reliability)
    • Supply chain & logistics resiliency, efficiency and visibility
    • Energy-savings & transition
  • Digital Transformation
    • Implementation of  multi-sensor integration systems
    • Process digitization and automation
    • Communication and data integration (understanding and aggregating of data to optimize field operations)
    • Cybersecurity of operational networks
    • Edge computing
    • Recruitment and development of  new talent
    • Change management
  • Physical Innovation
    • Disruptive production methods using 3D printing 
    • Data collection using sensing and imaging
    • Complex task automation using robotics, drones, etc.
    • Brown-field asset implementation

This our latest Global Industrial Innovation Report this is how dozens of the largest industrial multinationals rated the priority of each challenge area (3=Top priority, 2=Medium priority, 1=Low priority):


Our goal is to help you engage effectively with innovative technology providers. Therefore, each case can be downloaded and sent to your email, or you can ask for an introduction to the company.

All the information is available for free, but registration is required to facilitate our service. Your data will be kept private and allow us to send you cased, introductions, additional information, and updates.

We will constantly update the information and add more cases, so be sure to visit our guidebook regularly.

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